97/365 – Caramel

I could always take or leave caramels but when I heard about these AIP compliant ones I had to try them. So smooth and creamy with a hint of coconut.  So I am in love with Sweet Apricity!  A sweet occasional treat 🙂


91/365 – Pots

I purchased this galvanized set for the dining room table. Originally I was going to put 3 white pillar candles in the pots and sand in the tray with some small shells but wondering what else I could do with it?

90/365 – Subway

I don’t usually follow trends but ever since I saw my first subway tile backsplash I have wanted to have one. I have always loved white but have never used it in our home decor instead preferring colors, so I am really excited to finally have a kitchen with a white subway tile backsplash…it’s the little things!  Let the tiling begin…

89/365 – Phillies

Since we have lived on the East Coast (New Jersey and Pennsylvania) for 40+ years we are mostly Phillies fans. The exception being when in San Francisco we are definitely Giants fans 🙂  So we were really happy to go to a spring training game against the New York Yankees at the their really nice Spectrum field in Clearwater.We had great seats, just two rows behind their dug out between third and home plate. They didn’t win but it was a nice time anyway, Go Phillies!

88/365 – Sa Ha

Our downstairs neighbors recently gave us tee shirts that they recently designed and had made. They created the graphic and  coined a new name for Safety Harbor – Sa Ha (pronounced Say Hay). Safety Harbor is a quaint, eclectic, quirky, small town that we have fallen in love with and enjoy the shortened/abbreviated new nickname (similar to D-town for Doylestown). Can’t wait to wear our new shirts! (Thanks Lora and Jen!)