120-127/365 – Flowers

I love flowers, fresh flowers of any kind but especially purple 🙂  Below are some from my yard and some from my neighbors.  My neighbor made two arrangements for me, she is a natural and I keep telling her she missed her calling! (Thanks Diane!) IMG_7689IMG_7694IMG_7702IMG_7707IMG_7712IMG_7715IMG_7722IMG_7732


117-119/365 Cleaning Out

As I continue the process of “cleaning out” I am faced with the same question, “Keep or Don’t Keep”?  I have reduced quite a bit over the last 8 years since returning from Switzerland and a pretty minimalist lifestyle but am still amazed at how much “stuff” we still have!  I am now finally sorting through my craft area. My of my, do I have craft stuff! Border maker and cartridges – Keep!


H wall decor…it’s a maybe.


I purchased a new book and although I have been doing a lot of what it recommends it still has been helpful.


112-113/365 Springtime

Spring isn’t my favorite season but I do love how plants, etc. that have been dormant over the winter slowly come back to life. I bought a plant a few years ago, thinking it was an annual and have been pleasantly surprised that it has come back each year.


My neighbor knows how much I love purple flowers and brought me some from her yard 🙂


105-108/365 – Bean

It’s not secret that I love LL Bean and have for many, many years. Our tradition of making the trek to the flagship store in Freeport, ME began in 2010 and something I look forward once or twice a year. Seeing my “Bean” Bags makes me smile. 105:365

And I love that they monogram for free. Our new organic cotton sheets are really nice.


The area is so beautiful and slowing coming back to life.


And I always enjoy seeing  the Bean Bear carvings in the parking lot.


I swear I was a New Englander in another life as soon as I feel so at peace here…I would split my time if it were just up to me 🙂

103/365 – Red

I have never been a wine drinker, occasional sweet white but my husband loves his red wine. Cabernet Sauvignon, his favorite. Recently he was gifted with a bottle (Thanks Laura and Jenn!) and tonight he enjoyed a glass as we sat on our back deck relaxing.