One Day at a Time

2017 is over, it went by in a ‘blink of an eye’.  It seems the older we get the faster time goes even though I know that is not possible it does seem so. I have never been much of a resolution maker, at least on New Year’s day,  instead, I have always had “things I want or need to do” and so whether they make it to a list, stay in my sub-conscious or present themselves on a whim I really don’t consider them resolutions so much as “to do’s”. In my younger years, I used to get discouraged or disappointed with myself when I didn’t accomplish them but these days I really am just grateful for what I can and do do 🙂  Letting go has become much easier. I believe things are in better perspective now and as much as I am not one to look back or dwell on what was I sometimes wish I would have gotten to this place a lot sooner. And yet it is my firm belief that we are where we are, with the past and present where it was meant to be and really, in the end, wouldn’t change a thing as where I am is a very good place and again very thankful and grateful for it.  I try not to waste time on the coulda’, woulda’, shoulda’ stuff and thoroughly enjoy the here and now.

So whether it is trying a new nutrient-dense, whole food, mostly paleo recipe to help continue my journey to remission of my Hashimoto’s, (which I share photos of regularly on my Instagram account), trying to capture a moment via my Canon 70D, (which I share here on the blog and occasionally on my Facebook account),  trying a DIY craft, (which I get inspiration  from my Pinterest boards), I try to live life One Day at a Time, always grateful and always thankful for the opportunity to “try” and for me, that “is enough”.


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