Whole Foods

About a year ago I was diagnosed with an auto immunity. It finally made sense. I had been feeling really lousy for some months, I had continually been gaining weight even though I wasn’t eating a-lot.  It was a relief to understand there was something wrong and it wasn’t my imagination. So I set out to understand the illness and find an answer.

Fast forward 12 months, I have made great strides in healing, the disorder is not curable but it can be put in remission and that has been my goal. I discovered a protocol called, AIP, short for Auto Immune Protocol, that was based on a more stringent form of the Paleo diet. I read, listened and digested as much as I could and then began. My numbers have continued to improve although I am not quite there yet. I feel better, more energy, and lost 45 pounds to boot, without weighing, measuring, counting, or even trying. It was all based on me eating non inflammatory whole foods. The list of eliminations was a bit overwhelming at first but health has always been my number one priority so I embraced it and the better I felt the more committed I was. Finally, after eight months I was advised by my Functional Doctor to add back in many of the things I had missed and loved, basically a Paleo diet, and to watch to see how my body reacted. Thankfully it has done well, but it is never ever gluten again for me. I also don’t do dairy, soy, refined sugars or processed foods. I eat organic vegetables and fruits as much as possible, healthy fats (olive, avocado, coconut oils and ghee), and clean grass fed, organic meats.

Recently I have traveled to California a few times to help family and food has been a challenge but between finding a company, Paleo On The Go, who makes frozen meals and ships to your destination and Whole Foods I am able to stay compliant and not have any set backs.

Life is good and tasty too!

My dinners for two weeks from Paleo On The Go.

My breakfast, lunch and snack (LOVE Siete Tortiilla Chips!)

And I love that one of my favorite bloggers, Nom Nom Paleo has teamed up with Whole Foods and they have her recommendations through out the store and some of her dishes in their hot food buffet area.



  1. Ruth Lake · October 19, 2017

    You are my roll model. Do you use the app for NomNom Paleo or is there another way to sign up for the blog? Thank you for sharing your journey again.


    • Thru the View Finder · October 19, 2017

      Aw, that is sweet. Just go to her website and sign up to get her blog link via email. Michelle Tam (Nom Nom Paloe) has a new cookbook out. I didn’t buy it as I wasn’t thrilled with the format but I do like her recipes and she has alot on her website.


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