78/365 – Fisherpeople

My Mom and Dad both loved to fish. Growing up we had fresh caught fish on a regular basis, catfish, salmon, crab and a host of others.  When I moved from the West to East coast we would receive shipments of canned Dungeness Crab (my absolute favorite!), canned smoked North Pacific Wild King Salmon (my absolute, absolute favorite!) and on occasion freshly caught NPWKS that was packed on dry ice and shipped overnight.  (The BEST!!!) Since this was normal and a regular occurrence we didn’t appreciate it near enough, so when the shipments no longer arrived and the supply was used up we realized just how special and lucky we were. Over the years we have talked about fishing, we did have a small boat we would take out in the small inlets near the Jersey shore where we caught Blue Claw Crab when our kids were young. Not Dungeness, but we learned to love them too. And now we have Tampa Bay at our doorstep and it is time to see what we can catch there, my fingers are crossed for Red Snapper 🙂



  1. Kristal · March 21, 2017

    Such a peaceful picture

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