Week 1 – Lifestyle

Hard to believe it is 2016! I have probably written this before, time seems to go so much faster as we get older. I am always glad to embrace a new year though, as it feels like a fresh start to me. Last year I had no idea what a 365 Project really meant in terms of time. It was much more of a commitment than I realized. As with most of my projects I started with a ton of enthusiasm and passion, but as the days wore on and the struggle of what to shoot became more and more of a challenge I sometimes waivered. I don’t like to give up, on anything, so I would pick myself up and “re-focus” when I faltered, for whatever reason and happily and thankfully I completed it. This year I am cutting back to the 52 Weeks to give myself more “breathing room” but keeping me in this photography journey. I used to be a resolutions maker, with great resolve I would tackle and conquer whatever I decided was important that year, and usually those resolutions would go be the wayside before spring sprung. Instead of the standard need to lose weight, eat better, exercise more, yada, yada, where failure seemed to be the common denominator for me, I have changed my tune to…lifestyle. I no longer count calories, stress over the occasional junk food I crave, cringe because I haven’t hit the treadmill in days (months!) or any of that.  I live the best I can on a daily basis and no longer beat myself up when I get off track a bit. I make good choices regularly but don’t get upset when I make bad ones, it seems to be working…yay!

Not the typical breakfast in bed but this “green smoothie” has been my daily start for months now (actually I don’t drink it in bed, but liked the concept 🙂 )




  1. dianechallenger · January 7, 2016

    Welcome back, great shot! We have just bought a smoothie maker what do you put in this one?

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    • Thru the View Finder · January 7, 2016

      This is 1-2 cups greens (spinach/kale, etc), 1 cup spring water (sometimes substitute coconut water or milk), 1 1/2 cup of frozen pineapple, mango and banana, plus coconut flakes. It is my favorite, I call it Pina Colada.

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  2. little t photography · January 7, 2016

    It looks delicious! I have been having smoothies in the morning too, and I love them! Mine don’t come out anywhere close to as blended as this though! What’s your trick??

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    • Thru the View Finder · January 7, 2016

      Hi, I broke down and invested in a Blendtec (similar to a Vitamix). It’s expensive but I just about burned out my KitchenAid and I use it everyday so believe it is worth it. Makes them super smooth 🙂 Also, best to blend your greens with water first, once that is smooth, then add your fruit (always frozen for me) that are in small chunks/pieces. Diane just wrote you helped her decide on her new 35mm lens. I just bought Canon 70D and I have my favorite 50mm f1.4 that rarely comes off, I also have a 10-22 that I got a couple of years ago for landscapes/buildings while we were living in Europe, but am no longer using and I just traded in my 70-200 that I thought I really needed and almost never used. So I am thinking I will trade the 10-22 in too but do want a second lens that gives me a bit more flexibility than the 50. Love the 24-70 but I can’t afford the L series and haven’t found an equivalent Canon (my preference) lens. Any thoughts?

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      • little t photography · January 8, 2016

        Thanks for the tip! I have went and froze my spinach based on one tip (to keep it fresh), but that might be part of the problem…and I don’t have a Blendtec!! (Or Vitamix.) I will try your tip to blend the spinach first… thanks! And next time maybe I will refrain from freezing it.

        As for lenses, I have gone through my share! On my very first camera, I had a kit lens (yuck!) and a pretty cheap telephoto 50-?? lens. I only ever used the telephoto, but it was much too long for indoors. I had bought the camera right before a huge trip so bought a 10-20 mm Ultrawide. It was amazing. And then we came home and it never saw the light of day. So I sold it. When I sold that camera, I bought a Nikon d90 and bought a 24-70 mm. I didn’t realize quite how much it was when I set my sights on it…but went ahead anyways. Holy smokes, I LOVED that lens!!! I still would like it today if I wasn’t shooting with a much heavier body now. So my primary choice is primes for their weight, and of course they are beautifully fast, and sharp. For me, I would choose a 35 mm – on a crop sensor it shoots more like a true 50 mm. One other suggestion would be a 24 mm or similar length prime for a slightly wider angle. (Add 25% to determine the equivalent length on a full frame… i.e. a 50 mm on a full frame shoots like a 75 mm on a crop sensor.) On my full frame, my go-to lens is either a 35 mm or 50 mm prime. I rarely use the 24-70 (too heavy now). Just my 2 cents! (Also, I have gone off-brand for my 35 mm – Sigma. My 50 mm is Nikon. I have heard great things about the Tamron 24-70.) Good luck!!!

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  3. Ruth · January 7, 2016

    Have been enjoying smoothies for breakfast or lunch since we arrived in Florida. Yummy, delicious, filling and easy to make. Thanks for sharing your recipe.


    • Thru the View Finder · January 7, 2016

      I love them, took me awhile to get over the “green” but I am hooked on them now 🙂 Kristin, our “other” daughter wants to open up a Juice Bar at some point, Robyn has had some amazing ones in her travels.


  4. Kristal · January 12, 2016

    I hear the Sigma Art 35 is AMAZING. Just talked to a pro wedding photographer who said it was his go to lens. Love my primes… My 40mm micro doesn’t leave my camera and I’m thinking of selling my 18-200 because I never use it.

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    • Thru the View Finder · January 12, 2016

      I am so confused by the lens. I had 3 and rarely used 2 of them. Traded the zoom thinking of trading the other but would like an option besides my 50mm f1.4 that doesn’t leave my camera 🙂 I am a Canon lover so I have strayed from them but I know there are other options 🙂 What made you choose 40 over 50? over 35?


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