Day 143 – Starfish

The quest to find a future winter home begins soon and I must say I am getting a bit excited for various reasons, one being I look forward to decorating in a beach-y theme and colors. Our current home is very traditional, a lot of wood, with warm colors. The aquas, sea foams and blues that are well-known in most ocean locations are soothing and relaxing in a totally different way. Β And of course, sea shells, and starfish will definitely be included.




  1. dianechallenger · June 5, 2015

    Lovely shot. Good luck in finding your winter home, does that mean you sell the one with the porch?

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  2. jennifermaccallum · June 8, 2015

    Beautiful photo, love those starfish, hope you find that winter home soon!

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  3. Julieann O'Connor Spencer · June 10, 2015

    How exciting house hunting ! I love moving but at the moment we are in limbo as we can’t move back to Canada because of my parents, we don’t want to do a lateral move incase my mother has to move in so we are just stuck until we figure out what to do. I think I need a vacation ! πŸ˜‰

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