Day 108 – Black Pearl

I think of all the desserts I have eaten in my life, Mama’s Fish House’s Black Pearl has to be the most spectacular looking. A work of art that you almost, and I mean ALMOST don’t want to eat it since it looks so amazing, but you do and it is pretty special.  Lilikoi Chocolate Mousse covered in Chocolate Ganache sits in the Clam Pastry Shell with Lilikoi (Passion Fruit) Puree making a beautiful scene to sit the dessert on. I have had the delight to eat this quite a few times and it never ceases to amaze all of the senses. If you ever get to Maui, I highly recommend Mama’s, first for the best fish ever, because it is caught daily and is the freshest you will get, and secondly, and equally important, their famous Black Pearl. The memory stays for a very long time and until hopefully you get to enjoy it again, yes, I am pretty spoiled 🙂




  1. dianechallenger · April 28, 2015

    Wow that’s huge looks delicious though, great photo of it too.

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  2. Julieann O'Connor Spencer · April 28, 2015

    Oh wow, this is lovely, I would love to go and visit, I think its now on our Bucket List 🙂
    Great shot, love your food shots, very talented.
    Sorry it takes so much time for me to get to commenting, will try and improve my tardiness this week, been a little crazy with family the last week or so 🙂

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    • Thru the View Finder · April 29, 2015

      🙂 Not everyone loves the islands, but we have been coming here since 1999 and it feels like a second home, just can’t afford to actually buy one here 😦


  3. jennifermaccallum · April 29, 2015

    This photo is just mean, that looks/sounds fabulous! I agree with Julieanne, you need to do more food photos!

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  4. Kristal · April 30, 2015

    Oh goodness that make me wants to lick the screen.

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