Day 65 – Beach

I love the ocean and beach. I have wiggled my toes in many, many sandy beaches and my most favorite of them all is Charley Young, Maui. We have been going there since 1999 and usually get there once a year. That time is fast approaching and can’t wait. Our plans changed unexpectedly today and we were able to take a drive up the coast. We ended up at Stinson Beach outside of San Francisco. Walked barefoot in the warm sand, spread our blanket and promptly fell asleep in the warm sun.

IMG_4773 2



  1. Julieann O'Connor Spencer · March 14, 2015

    Just a little envious, not of the beach as we live by the beach, but the warmth, I could go and put my toes in the sand but I would need a hot water bottle right after doing so !!! πŸ˜‰

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  2. Thru the View Finder · March 15, 2015

    It was a perfect spring day, warm, not hot, not many people, perfect πŸ™‚

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  3. jennifermaccallum · March 15, 2015

    I love how sharp the sand is, I do not love that you are on a beach, because I wish I was there too! Beautiful photo!

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