Day 50 – Loss

Last year for my 60th birthday I wrote down and shared the “60 Things I Know For Sure”. The list started and ended with, Life is Short. And it truly, truly is. My oldest brother, Mansfield Phillip, 67 years young passed away last week. We haven’t been close for many years, but I have always loved him, have many good memories with him, and very thankful I was able to spend some quality time with him last year, my last time to see him. He is survived by his two sons, his youngest is also our Godson and we are very close to him so I made the trip out to the west coast to be with him for a few days as he began the process of letting his Dad go. We cried, we laughed, and we remembered. I believe he is now at peace and reunited with my Mom, Dad and brother Ernest. Miss them all…

My brother Phil, his oldest son – our nephew John, youngest son – our Godson Anthony,
his grandson – our great nephew Tyler and his granddaughter – our great niece Kayla. Happy Times 🙂

Apple iPhone 4 ƒ/2.8  3.9 mm 1/15  1000

Apple iPhone 4
ƒ/2.8 3.9 mm 1/15 1000


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